Why use our QR Code Generator?
We use unique and private methods in order to create these QR codes. All of our clients talk about the huge impact that we had on their business.
  • Fast & High Quality Images
  • Bitcoin QR Code Generator with 1 click
  • Save images and reuse for your personal website or business!

Our QR Code Generators

We love to develop innovative qr code generators for multiple sections. On this specific website we offer QR codes only for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero.

Bitcoin QR Code

Most used QR Codes these days, the Bitcoin QR Code Generator. If you'd like to use one of our QR codes, so please start generating one of the codes straight away.
Bitcoin QR Code Generator

Litecoin QR Code

If you are in need of an Litecoin QR code, so please use our private algorithm to create one of these. Check the website below we created only for LTC QR codes.
Litecoin QR Code Generator

Ethereum QR Code

You can't just generate qr codes for ethereum, you need special software and one special tool in order to create qr codes for ETH.
Ethereum QR Code Generator
Easy to use
QR codes are very easy to use nowadays, use any qr code scanner to start!
Lightweight Images
Since we allow our users to download the generated qr codes and also use them.
Safest QR Code Service 2019
Europe: Winner (1st Place)
We have been marked as the safest internet service in 2019. To check the review and our certification please head over to blockchain.
QR Code Import
You can also import our QR code into your website by using the provided tool.
Customer Service
You can get customer support by using the contact page.
Be sure to implement the generated QR codes onto Your Website

Many of our clients use CodeHacks.org as personal qr code generator. But a lot of people also use this website for their business. Be sure to copy and paste the qr code in your website, so you can receive payments and more. If you have any further questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us right away.

QR Codes generated

Bitcoin QR Code Generator

Get paid with QR codes

Use QR Codes in order to get payments from your customers.

More purchases

Business can show proof that they have more purchases by using QR codes.

Donation System

With QR codes you can create your own donation system.
  • Revenue without QR Codes
  • Revenue with QR Codes
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