Litecoin QR codes can be used in different ways. Most people will most likely use it as a faster payment method. The transaction speed you’ll get with QR codes on Litecoin is incredible.

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Litecoin QR Codes
In order to create your QR Code we need your litcoin address. Otherwise you cant send any coins to the correct address.
Your litecoin address will not be stored or shared.

You can find more information here: F.A.Q.

Why Litecoin QR Code Generator?

We enjoy providing free tools for the cryptocurrency community. We have serval QR code generators and multiple other tools available. Have you seen our BTC QR codes?

Website Implementation

We analyse your website and create custom resolution qr codes for you to implent into your webpage.

Lightweight Images

Because we look out for our customers and users, we only provide lightweight images in PNG format.

QR Codes of the Year

Our company has been voted to the top qr code provider of the year 2019.

Easy to generate

These Litecoin QR codes are generated so easly. With just a few clicks you will have your qr code ready to download.


We are only working with SSL with means Secure Sockets Layer. You will have no troubles doing bitcoin qr code generates.

Payments & Donations

With QR Codes you have way higher payment rate. Also our customers could notice a slight difference in the donations.

Start now with Litecoin QR Codes
From the past we’ve learned alot regarding qr codes and the blockchain. You can create way faster transactions with our system. Some of our projects arent easy to create, just like Litecoin.
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